Completion Certificate NO LMS or Internet loaded to a CD

Can any one help me with printing a certificate for a course that will be published to run on cd? Additionally, I will need to load a copy of the lessons to a location similar to sharepoint so that when needed the instructor is able to access the lesson download to a cd and run on local training computers as a new system is deployed. I have short time line and turn around.  I need to know the best avenue to handle if possilbe.  I have learning content using Presenter 09 and not sure whether to have then go to a stand alone quiz or enbed the quiz into the presenter.

The certificate will need to be printed upon sucessful completion, with the learners name, date, course completed and perhaps a place for the instructor to sign off.  I have no access to LMS or internet capability  this course will be downloaded from a sharepoint type location, copied to a local cd and run at each site as a new system is deployed.  Please advise the best approach.  Thanks in advance.

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