Conflicting Fail/Complete results


I have been creating packages in articlaute quite happily to make our mandatory trianing much more engaging, and am pleased to say its been well received by all levels of the organisation.!

However today i have hit a stumbling block, which is as follows!

We have package which is:

3 attempts


75% pass score on the assemesnt

The problem: when a learenr fails the quiz for the first time a failed status is being pulled back to the LMS which is correct. Then when the learner retakes the quiz for the second time and passes the status is sometimes remaining as failed? I think it has something to do with the finish button at the end of the quiz and where the learner is being navigated to /clicking on (because it doesn't happen to everyone), but to be hoenst I have now tried so many options Iam, not sure even myself! I know the finish button can not be removed, but what is the best approach when a learnerr only gets so many attempts, has a score pass and a developer that needs oto be able to report on 'true failures'!

I have attached some screen shots of the options selcted and the layout of the end screens

Any help or advice to best practice would be greatly appreciated!!

Hannah (cant update my picture!!)  

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Justin Wilcox

I would change your status to Complete/Incomplete simply because a lot of LMS' will mark a Failed attempt as completed which means the grade, at that point, can't be overwritten. If you are sending an Incomplete, you are specifically telling the LMS that a failed attempt can be tried more than once.