Content dependent on Quiz results

Nov 22, 2011

I'm pretty  sure this has been asked before, but i need some reference because my search didn't turn up anything.

I'm looking for the flow:

1. User takes first quiz to test knowledge

2. IF Pass -> skip module (since they know it) -> report quiz pass

3. IF Fail -> user forced to take module -> quiz again -> repot quiz result

Would the best way to achieve this be to use Branching within Quizmaker?  Is there a way to force the user to go through the module if they "fail" the initial quiz?

Also we'd be looking to fit this within an LMS solution so if you could detail how the reporting on that would work that would be great too.

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Oliver!

Yeah, it sounds like branching is what you're looking to do:

And here's a lot of great information regarding publishing to your LMS and reporting:

Feel free to come back and ask any further questions you may have. Thanks!

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