Copying Quiz Pool Questions Without Duplicating

Is there a way for me to copy but not duplicate quiz questions? I have two groups of employees, let's call them Group A and Group B. Their Managers are in Group C. Groups A and B need to view a video, then take a quiz. Group C, the Managers, must view both videos and take a consolidated quiz. What is the best way to make this happen. And in particular can I reuse but not duplicate questions in Quizmaker?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kevin!

Do you plan to host this course on a learning management system? If so, would it be possible to create two separate courses? 

  1. One course for Groups A and B would contain one video and a quiz.
  2. One course for Group C would contain 2 videos and a larger consolidated quiz.

Let me know if that would be an option for you!

Kevin Handy

Good stuff. The solution you suggest is precisely the one that I suggested.  Quick question. Let's say I made three courses not two with three quizzes and one video for Group A, another video for Group B and two videos and the long quiz for Group C. Is there an "easy-peezy" way for me to output my question groups so that everyone gets Question Set 1, Group B gets 2 in addition and Group C gets all?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kevin,

If you're making these as 3 separate courses, you would want to include directions to your Group C managers to take the other courses prior to the Group C version. 

If I'm misunderstanding, please let me know. It would help to have a bit more detail on what you'd like to set up and how these items will be linked. Additionally, you mentioned copying not duplicating - and I'd like to understand more about that requirement! 

Kevin Handy

Assume two dress code videos. One for men and one for women. So two courses for these two groups. Then one course for managers with BOTH videos. Now add in a policy guide. All will take a group of say five questions. Men will complete six questions for men and women will complete six questions for women in addition to the five questions for all. Managers, regardless, must complete both videos and all questions and will be given a copy of the policy guide.

My challenge is how to publish the quiz questions to three separate SCORM files without duplicating. One for managers, one for men and women for women. Perhaps that makes it clearer. Thank you.

Kevin Handy

I have had to work around the issue by separating the quizzes out by audience. To be honest the resolution suggested wasn't very practical in my case. I had three separate audiences and I couldn't simply and easily click the question groups and split them out into separate files or somehow Publish directly to separate SCORM files by group. It seems to be "all or nothing"

Kevin Handy

Kevin Handy

Thank you for responding. I was required to split the files manually, first creating copies of the original and then deleting out what I didn't need. This was very inefficient. I'm a bit surprised that the Quiz product is so immature. It should be easy to "slice and dice" the questions, groups and pools. One should be able to publish the questions in groups, one should be able to direct the questions to specific audience. This goes to the foundation of instructional design. Another thing that shocks me is that Articulate 360 and in particular the Suite does not make use at a database level of objectives. The objective should flow from the course to the module within a course, to the lesson to the item within a lesson and the objectives should be clearly defined. Then the objectives should be traceable directly to superior and subordinate objectives. This seems to me to be fundamental foundation to creating quality adult learning that delivers results.

Kevin Handy