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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Greg! The 'correct' and 'incorrect' labels are part of the customizable text labels in your quiz player template. Here's a tutorial that shows how to adjust the text labels on your quiz player. When you open up the list of text labels on your player template, the correct/incorrect wording is in items 15 and 16.

Greg Scheelar

Related question--is there a way to change it for just one question? I want to branch using a T/F question that asks where people work. I am giving them the option of selecting Canada or the US. The way the feedback is set up, one of those groups is going to be told that the answer they give is incorrect. How do I avoid that without having to change it for the entire course?

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Greg! You know what I'd recommend? Instead of using a true/false question for that, you could use a Survey Question called Pick One. The pop-up feedback title for survey questions comes from a different text label than the text label used for a graded questiom.

Here's what to do:

  1. On the Quizmaker ribbon, click Survey Question and choose the Pick One question type.
  2. Enter your question text (where do you work?) and the two answers (US / Canada).
  3. Then customize whatever feedback text you want to appear in the popup by entering something in the Feedback area at the bottom of the question editor. Or, if you want the text to be different for each answer, then on the question editor, choose Feedback by Answer and then add feedback text next to each answer choice.
  4. Now go ahead and modify your text label for the popup: in Quizmaker, click Player Templates > Edit > Text labels, and scroll down to item 14 which is the title for survey feedback.

Hope that helps!