Custom Quiz Summary (Feedback) screen


I need to create a summary screen at the end of a quiz that will list the results (right or wrong) for each question in the quiz (no feedback on each question, nothing until the end of the quiz). Also, if a user answered a question incorrectly, there should be a link that will take them back into the course content to the page relevant to that failed question.

Can this be done? And if so, how?  Also, because we don't want any scoring visible to the user on each question, how do I turn off the scoring at the bottom of the question screens?

THANK YOU in advance for your assistance!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Russel!

Quizmaker gives you some pretty good flexibility in designing how your users will receive feedback - both during the quiz and after they've completed it. Here's a great place to start for tips on customizing the result slides, and you can give your users detailed feedback after each incorrect answer (there is currently no way to link outside of Quizmaker and back in) by following the tutorial here. And you can customize the scoring options that appear on question slides here.

Hope that's enough to get you started! Good luck