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Sep 17, 2012


I am creating a multiple choice in Quizmaker and would like to know how to customize the rectangle text boxes that appear once I hover on the answer options.

Thanks for your help and assistance


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi again Aarti, I'm sorry, but currently it's not possible to remove the hover color completely. We welcome feature requests, though, so I invite you to submit your suggestions to our development team here.

Sometimes course designers will create the illusion of no hover color by using a white slide background and then setting the hover color to white also, but of course in your situation that wouldn't work.

What you might be able to do, though, is slightly change your slide design so that the orange hover color is not apparent. In Slide View, you could shorten the width of each answer choice so that it is closer in size to the orange ovals on your screen. You might also need to increase the size of the ovals slightly in order to accommodate the size of the answer choices' textboxes. I think with a little bit of this sort of tweaking you should be able to make the hover color appear invisible.

Aarti Talwar

Hi Jeannete,

Thanks again for your prompt response! And thank you for the valid suggestion, it's the best that can be done with my current quiz. I will also go ahead and submit this feature request/enhancement.

I also appreciate the great work that you are doing on providing tips and tricks on Quizmaker. Your screencasts have been my one-stop resource for all things "quizzing", since I just started building assessments in Articulate.

Clear, simple, and effective - just the way tips should be.

Thanks again!


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