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I have created a survey essay that allows you to enter a long text in the answer box. I have actionned the print result for that essay. When trying to print it, I get my text posted in the student answer column and I am able to print it. ( the text is about half of a regular 8.5 x11 page). The only problem with this is that my column is narrow but very long. It is about a column of 2 inches wide but is about 4 pages long. How can I customize this printing report?





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Paul Cygulski

Hi Guys!

I have a question for Peter. I'm Polish, so I'm trying to customize Articulate to my language needs. I have one problem though - I can't seem to change one part of the results print out - results (it's "passed" or "failed"). I've read the guide ( but I can't find the answer there. I'm able to translate every other bit of this result print out - but not this one. Could you help me guys?

Thanking in advance. Regards,


Peter Anderson

Hi Paul, welcome to Heroes!

I received your PM as well, but wanted to reply to you here so that others might be able to benefit from your question. If I'm understanding your question correctly, I think subheading #8 from this link is what you're looking for:

If you're looking to change something else on the results slide, please feel free to attach a screenshot so that I can get a better idea of exactly what you're hoping to do. Thanks, and I hope that's helpful!

Rachel D'Angelo

I'm struggling with the instructions to customize the report. First I have multiple printable quizzes in a single Presenter file. Second, I'm not seeing the report file at all. I publish to LMS so is this in my zip file or in the stand alone file? I can find the swf but never the report.html file. When I search for report.html, it does come up but when I open it, I'm only receiving a Date/Time view on a web page attached. [View:]

Debbie Daneke

Hi Daniel,

I'm very new to Storyline, just started my first real project this week.  I want to remove the Passing Score and Result from my printed results.  I used your method above and it seemed like it should work, but when I click Print Results, the only thing that comes up is the Date/Time header box.  Everything else is gone. 

I'm guessing it has to do with your comment in your first responce "(Please note that this method is not supported by Articulate.)"

I don't have Quizmaker, just Storyline.  Is that why I'm not able to make it work?  Is there something I can do in Storyline to remove the Passing Score and Results from the print out? 



Peter Anderson

Hi Debbie

Have you allowed the users to review their results? If you enable print results but do not allow a user to review a quiz, they will not be able to review their questions and answers when they print results. This is by design. If you wish to allow a user to review their questions and answers when they print results, please see this tutorial. 

Debbie Daneke

Thanks for the quick responce Peter. 

I have allowed the users to review their results.  Here is what I have selected:

When I publish that, here I get:

I downloaded the reports.html file mentioned above and replaced the original published reports.html file.  I made no edits to the reports.html file that I downloaded.  Here is what I get:

 I get the same screen when I try to hide sections 12, 13 16 and 17 in the downloaded resluts.html file.

Any suggestions?

Denice Lancashire

Kenneth Hansen said:

Debbie Daneke said:

Cancle my last post. I made it work!

Thank you!


Best regards Kenneth


I was able to remove various sections on the results screen by going into the reports.html file that's created when you publish. Once I opened that file using Notepad, I placed "//" before lines that began with "document.write". I did this in multiple locations to remove different sections. I can show you exactly which sections were removed and how I removed them if you like.

Denice Lancashire

I've run into another problem with customizing my printed results screen. Rather than showing the user their percent scored, I want to show them the actual number they scored. Does anyone know how to change this on the report.html file? I'm pretty certain I need to change the following line


" + g_listQuizzes[g_oPrintOptions.strMainQuizId].nPtScore + "

but I'm not sure what to change in order for it to be the number scored and not the percentage.