Customize Quizmaker "Finish" button or create new buttons

Apr 30, 2018

We are trying to generate an assessment that can pass data to our LMS. When using Storyline, we do this by creating a "Finish" button that is programmed with JavaScript to jump to the next cluster (within the LMS), which contains an autoscore script.

With Quizmaker I am not seeing a way to modify the functionality of the built-in buttons on the results page, other than title and appearance. If it is possible to add a trigger to these buttons, or to create a new button and add our required triggers, please let me know the process.

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Robert Schiedler

Yes, we have Storyline and use it for new work. We are trying to build an assessment for a legacy course that will still work in our LMS.

Having thought this through, we could probably use Storyline to build the stand-alone assessment instead of using Quizmaker and achieve the same result. This would allow us to program a custom button with the triggers we need.

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