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Aug 07, 2012

I just learned that Accent 1 = the hover color and Control 1 = radio button color. Do you have a quick reference sheet for what is Text/Background Dark 1, Text/Background LIght 2, etc and Accent 2, Accent 3, etc?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Dayna! See if this helps:

The text/background colors are designed to help ensure that text always shows up on a background. Basically, if you apply a light background, Quizmaker will apply dark text to your text, so that it is visible to your learners. If you switch to a dark background, Quizmaker switches the text automatically to the light color.

Here's a good example of this: open Quizmaker and create a question with the default theme... then go to Slide View, click the Design tab, and choose a different design theme that has a really dark background, such as the one called Retro. When you select it, you'll see the slide's background change to the darker color, and your text changes to white instead of black. 

As for the other items that are part of your color theme, here's what they are used for: 

  • Accent 1 - Default Fill Color for new Shapes, hover color for answer choices; also used for the gradient background that appears on the lower portion of slides that use the Default design theme.
  • Accent 2 - Default color for the Paint Bucket and Shape Style preset 3 (the Shape Style preset options are what you see when you select a shape, click the Format tab, and select from the Shape Styles section of the menu)
  • Accent 3 - Shape Style preset 4 
  • Accent 4 - Shape Style preset 5 
  • Accent 5 - Shape Style preset 6 
  • Accent 6 - Shape Style preset 7 
  • Hyperlink - Color of hyperlinked text. A semitransparent version of this color is used for the hover color of hyperlinked text.
  • Control 1 - The selected dot color for radio buttons. Also used on several other question types - for example, the hover color for Pick One answer choices.BTW, the accent colors are also used for default color choices that are available when you change the color of shape outlines, the color of picture borders, the color of the glow effect on any object, and the Recolor choices on images.

Hope that helps!

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Dayna! Yes, we do also have a job aid for Quizmaker Player colors, which you can find here. The theme colors mentioned above, however, are actually separate and different ... theme colors are used on your actual quiz content (that is, the stuff you insert on your quiz slides), whereas the player colors are only used on the quiz player (that is, the interface and controls that appear around the perimeter of your quiz questions and any pop-up messages that Quizmaker displays to your learners).

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