Default cursor location for Fill in the blank quiz question

Mar 02, 2012

Is there any option that would default the cursor location into the fill in the blank space for my quiz questions.

I have a series of flashcards and for every question.. end user has to click into the fill in the blank space, then type in their answer. Just trying to decrease the number of clicks to improve the end users experience.


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Jonathan Bacon

I need some clarification on this. Somewhere on this forum I found an answer (in the past) that if the text field is the last (bottom) layer on a slide that  by default the cursor will automatically be within the fill in the blank text box. Further, I found information that we could use a slide trigger like the following to set the text within the text box:

Set TextEntry1 equal to Text_That_Will_Be_In_Text_Box

     when the timeline starts

I had this working in a Storyline project but when I imported the successfully working scene into a larger project, the functionality ceased working on some scenes (not all). So it seems you can do what Debbie requested, I just don't understand why it won't work all the time?!?

I've tried importing all the scenes into a new project, in case something got corrupted and I've tried duplicating scenes (the original works but the copy doesn't). Any troubleshooting ideas? And yes, I'm using Update 4 and even reinstalled it to repair any potential issues.

Jonathan Bacon

Okay, I answered my own question overnight. The bottom line is you can place the cursor in a Text Entry box automatically and you can set the text (default) to appear in that box and you can highlight the default text so anything your student types will overwrite the instructions (such as "Type your answer here"). You just need to be careful that the variable names match and the Text Entry object is at the bottom of the Timeline. For more details, see the attached instructions where I tried to point out the steps to take if this behavior is not working.

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