Deleted the "Retry" button in Quizmaker

Dec 07, 2011

I must have deleted the "Retry" button in my quiz as it doesn't appear... Is there a way to get it back?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Julie!

Is your quiz within a Presenter course? If so,

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Click the Edit in Quizmaker button on the quiz slide.
  3. Go to Player Templates > Edit > Navigation > Resume.
  4. Check Prompt to resume on quiz restart.
  5. Save the player template, and close the Player Template Manager.
  6. Click Save and Return to Presenter.
  7. On the slide placeholder for the quiz, click the Properties button.
  8. Change User may attempt quiz to desired attempts.
  9. Click the Close button.
  10. Republish your presentation.

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