Designing Feedback Masters and Importing Quizzes from Quizmaker 09 to Quizmaker 13

Hello Community!

I imported quizzes from Quizmaker 09 to Quizmaker 13, and I am changing/revising question feedback for every question (correct, incorrect, and try again).  I revised the Feedback Master.  However, there is no change in the feedback when I review the initial feedback.  The original feedback is "Correct;" I changed the feedback master to "Correct, Great job!"  Help me to understand the steps that I am missing to change/revise feedback without having to revise every slide.  Thanks


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Jerry McRoy


I have also had such issues.  It seems things were MUCH EASIER in the '09 version.  Perhaps progress is . . . not really!  Changing the FB text was simple to find in '09 and despite my best efforts, I cannot locate the correct element to accomplish this seemingly simple task in '13.  There's a listing of "elements" and several of those are related to FB text but trying to figure it out I believe takes an analyst (which I am not).  We'll be FRUSTRATED together!

Jerry M.