Detailed Survey Results in LMS - Reporting

If a training survey (feedback form) is created using quizmaker (Artciluate 360), using a combination of survey questions such as Likert scale and text entry, it is not possible to get the detailed results of every input.. unless I am using Articulate Online. Is my understanding correct?

For example:
User 1 rates a training session 10 (Excellent) and
User 2- rates the training (1) poor Along with some comments.

I have attached a SCORM file for reference.


Atul Shetty


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Atul!

You'll see every interaction as long as you have a Results Slide and you're viewing the course in a Learning Management System like Articulate Online.

If you don't currently have an LMS, you can test your course in SCORM cloud! SCORM cloud is an industry-standard testing engine. Here's how to use SCORM cloud.

Let me know if you have any questions!