Different sets of questions

Hi there,

I have tried a lot but cannot configure Articulate Quizmaker to do the following.

Students should take a test that consists of 3 sets of questions, Set A (10 questions), Set B (10 questions) and Set C (10 questions). On the first attempt one set (either A,B or C) is assigned randomly (!) to the student. If he/she succeeds the test is successfully over. If not, the student is assigned another set (not the set from the first attempt!). If he/she succeeds now, the test is successfully over. If the student fails again, the last remaining set of question is assigned. If he/she succeeds, the test is successfuly over, hower if the students fails again there is no other attempt and the student permanently fails.

Is there a possible to set up such a scenario in Articulate Quizmaker? It would be great if somebody could help me! :) Thanks!

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