Differing Font sizes in Quizmaker Matching Drag and Drop

Hi: A desiner sent me a request for a matching quiz using drag and drop.  She's matching terms with definitions.  The definitions are quite lengthy.  I notice that the font size of the definitions varies from puzzle piece to puzzle piece depending on the amount of text in that puzzle piece.  Is there a way to make the font size consistent between puzzle pieces?


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Brian Batt

Hi Carol & welcome to Heroes,

Text in Matching Drag and Drop questions will automatically adjust size to fit inside the drag-and-drop objects.  This is by design in Quizmaker '09.

If this is not desirable, a common alternative is to use a Matching Drop Down question type instead.  This workaround allows you to resize the Choice text boxes in Slide View.  However, the Match drop-down lists cannot be resized.

If you would like to submit a suggestion to our product development team for review, you may use the following Feature Request Form:


Doyle Meyer

Failing to find a suitable alternative, an inelegant solution is to note the position of the longest match and add spaces to make the short and long Matches an equal length. What makes that inelegant is the fact that I have to place a period after the last space in a line to get the spaces to stick. 

I wish there was some way to change the color of individual characters so as to hide the periods in the background. If anyone knows how to do that please let me know. 

Josephine Casey

I'm having problems with the font size in the sequence drag&drop.  Everything fits in 'slide view' but when I preview it, the font is tiny and the text boxes have changed size.  I haven't used this feature for years, so was hoping that the latest upgrade of Storyline would have had this fixed.  Can this be looked into?  It seems a basic requirement to be able to choose a font size and text box size.

I'd also like to be able to place additional information on another layer within the quiz which can be accessed from either the base layer or the 'incorrect / correct' layers.  Any chance of that?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Josephine!

Oh no, the sizing shouldn't change in sequence drag and drop interaction! Are you noticing the font changes after publishing the Storyline file or is it in slide view?

Secondly, you can add triggers to the "Continue" or "Try Again" buttons on the feedback layers! It would just be a simple trigger to show layer when user clicks "Continue".

I'm happy to take a look at the course! Can you share your file with us? You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion.