disable retry quiz button and allow multiple attempts?

Hello All,

I am working on my first big project. I am converting an older online training to SCORM.

In the previous course, there were 5 sections and a quiz at the end of each section. The learner had to pass either a pre-test or quiz for each section in order to get a completion for the course.

The learner could take a pre-test at the beginning of each section to skip the section. If the learner passes, goes to next section with option to take another pre-test. If the learner fails, views the section. The learner had one chance to attempt the pre-test, and unlimited attempts to take the quiz at the end of the section.

If the learner opted out of the pre-test or failed the pre-test, he/she goes through the content and takes the quiz at the end of the section. If learner fails quiz, the learner is taken to the beginning of the section, and must pass the quiz to continue.

If the learner left the course at anytime, he/she could return and the course would resume where he/she left off, and would not have to take previously passed quizzes again.

If I have just one quiz the learner can jump to for each section, the problem comes in that if the learner fails the quiz the first time, since I have it set to unlimited attempts, the user can continue to click the Retry Quiz button and never see the content. I think it would be ideal to have a way to disable/remove the Retry Quiz button and still allow multiple attempts since the quiz must be passed to go to the next section.

What I also have trouble replicating is when learners leave the course, are able to resume the course without having to take quizzes they already passed.

Is it possible to replicate this navigation in Articulate?

Thanks for any insight.

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Lesley Mizer

Hi, Justin,

Thanks for your advice.

I noticed the instructions say to set the number of attempts to Just Once. I was hoping I could allow multiple attempts and remove the Retry Quiz button, because I would like the user to be taken back to the beginning of the section if he/she failed instead of having the ability to Retry Quiz without viewing content.

I believe if I create a pre-test and post-test, and use your instructions above for the pre-test, this will solve the problem. The only drawback to this option is that in this particularly long course, if a user left the course and came back, the user will get the message, Must pass the quiz at Slide # to advance message, and still have to go back to each of the previously completed quizzes of each section before advancing.

Thanks again for offering your help!

Justin Wilcox

Hi Lesley,

When you set up the pass/fail finish actions, you would probably want them to send them to a slide prior to the quiz. Since the resume on the quiz is disabled, that is what allows them to take the quiz as many times as they want, regardless of the quiz being set to only allow one attempt. I know it sounds confusing but it works.

Lesley Mizer

Thanks for your help, Justin.

Your suggestion works!

My other dilemma is if learners leave the course before completing/passing all five quizzes, because the resume quiz is disabled, they will have to pass the quizzes again before proceeding where they left off. Because I feel the course is long (120 slides), I am worried people won't have time to finish in one sitting.

At least learners will still have a chance to skip content! Thanks again for your time.

Most Sincerely,


Justin Wilcox

Hi Catherine. That's something that you would have to do in your LMS. Presenter or Quizmaker doesn't have a way to limit the number of attempts on a quiz. You can restrict the number of attempts in a session but typically your Learning Management System handles attempt limits. If you are using Articulate Online, it doesn't currently offer a way to limit the number of attempts.