Disable Review option after Failed Quiz

Mar 11, 2011

Upon "failing" a quiz, is there a way to not provide the "Review Quiz" and "Retry Quiz" options, but instead branch the user to another slide with the Finish button, which gives them a message and then allows me to branch THAT slide back to the course material?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Dick,

When you insert a quiz as a slide in your course, you have some branching options for what you want to have happen when the learner passes or fails. So yes, you could take them to the course slide of your choosing. Look at the bottom of your quiz placeholder slide and click the Properties area. A window will pop up which will allow you to set what happens "When user passes" and "When user fails."  Here's a tutorial that explains more about that.

On the slide to which you branch them, you could add a hyperlink to the slide (or make it auto-advance and use Slide Properties to branch the learner back) so that they return to the slide where you've placed your quiz. To make sure that the quiz starts over again at the beginning when they return to it, you'll want to follow the steps in this knowledgebase article. This removes the retry button AND causes the quiz to reset itself when the learner returns to it.

Hope that helps!


Jeanette, as always, thanks for your response!  The caveat here is that the client wants the user to be able to attempt the quiz more than once, but would rather they not have the option to do so until they have reviewed the course material, i.e.m they don't jst want them guessing their way through OR selecting "review quiz" and just seeing what the correct answers are.  I do have the properties set so that when they fail, the "Finish" button takes them to a slide that encourages them to take the quiz again follwoing a review of the material. 

Here is a screen grab of what the options are when they have finished the quiz the first time...


Thanks again,


Jeanette Brooks

OK Dick - thanks for that additional info. So, it sounds like you just need to remove the Review Quiz and Retry Quiz buttons, is that correct? You can do that by opening the quiz in Quizmaker and clicking Fail Result, where you can unmark the options to include those buttons on the result slide. (You can do the same for the Pass Result too if you want.)

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