Do post-completion reviews in LMS count as attempts?

Jul 10, 2012

Our LMS (Success Factors Plateau) allows learners to review content after completion.

If a Quizmaker quiz published with a maximum of 2 attempts permitted and the learner completes it on the 2nd attempt, will Quizmaker allow the learner to launch it again for review after completion? Technically, the review launch would be the 3rd time...

I thought that perhaps the file would launch and display a message about exceeding the number of attempts permitted, but I didn't see any Text Labels that correspond to this in the Player Template Builder.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Tom, 

Is your quiz standalone, or part of a Presenter course? The rub, however, is that limiting the number of attempts for presentations, standalone quizzes, and standalone interactions is not currently supported. That is to say, there's nothing that can stop a user from simply re-launching a course. This article has more information.

I'd recommend submitting a feature request. 

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