Drag and Drop

I want to create a test question in which the students click on the parts of a tattoo machine and drag the part to the correction location.  the drop zone has three choices... a sharps container, trash can,  table.

When a part is clicked on, it should actually leave the machine and get deposited into the appropriate location.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Kayla Burtch

Hi Kathy,

If you want to avoid buying a new product and just want to "simulate" drag and drop withing quizmaker, you can do so. Here is a quick example I just made for a recycling quiz:


I'll attach the origional quiz file so you can play around with it, but it basically uses the same ideas as show in this tutorial

Some tips:

* Make use of the master to place your background image with the table, sharps, and garbage.

* Change the "format shape-Text Box" options for your answer boxes to "do not autofit" so you can resize them to cover the parts of your background you want as the possible answers
* Choose "feedback by answer" so that you can make the branching different for each answer.
* Choose "Shuffle-none" so that your answers don't get jumbled (because the pictures WON'T be able to shuffle)

If you have any other questions let me know.

Kathy Hartman

Thank you, Brian and Kayla I really appreciate your answers.  I tried Dragster, but don't really want to purchase software.  I also couldn't get it to do what I want.  Kayla, your example is great too, I will use it for another interaction I am doing.  Maybe I am not understanding your suggestions fully, but neither seem to work for the action I want to create.

I have an image that is broken up into pieces and put back together like a puzzle.  I want the learner to be able to click on a part and actually drag the part to the correct container like a drag and drop interaction.  I guess what I am trying to do is more like combining hot spots and drag and drop.

I have been able to make an interaction where clicking on a part activates a motion path to a spot on drop zone, but I want the person to choose a part, and then actually drag it themselves. Do either of you know if  the text box areas of the drag and drop quiz be drawn to fit over the separate areas  of an object? If they can, maybe that would work.

Another example of this type of drag and drop action would be to drag individual states from a map of the US to different locations or containers in the drop zone. Of course after the learner has dropped an item, there still needs to be feedback.  Haven't quite figured out how to do that either.

I am pretty new to building interactions...so maybe I just don't get it yet, but any help would be appreciated.

Kayla Burtch

I understand the type of interaction you want,

It is however not possible within articulate itself. To get that EXACT type of interaction you would have to build it yourself using flash, or use the dragster program mentioned.

Even though the functionality is not possible, using motion paths and clicking gives the same learning abilities to the learner. If dragability is very important to you, you will have to either purchase the software shown above, or hire someone to design custom flash for you (or design it yourself if you know how/have the program)

The drag-and-drop interaction in articulate does not allow images. You COULD place images on top of the question part, but not on the answer part, and it would be very limited.

Kathy Hartman

Thanks Kayla.  Yeah... I tried all that in Articulate.  I was just hoping that I missed something.

I have CS5.5, but I am not that proficient with Flash.  I took a few courses last year...but I always forget when I don't use something for a while. Articulate has made me very lazy.   Maybe I will  try to build something to share.

Ana Gimenez

Creo que no he entendido bien tu pregunta, lo que deseas arrastrar es la maquina de tatuar ha una zona relacionada? Las opciones que te han mencionado en la parte superior son correctas. Espero que hayas podido solucionar el problema, de lo contrario coméntame te mencionaré una técnica que he utilizado yo para solucionar un caso similar. Perdón pero no se ingles pero puedes usar el traductor de google.