Drag and Drop - Forced Correct Answer

Hi all. We are in the process of updating an old online course, and luckily for me the person who worked on this previously did not do a great job of saving the working files for the finished product. This leaves me with having to remake quizzes for which we only have .aqp files that I cannot open because they didn't save the original quiz source file. 

I am in the process of updating a fancy looking quiz that has three features I can't figure out how to replicate in Quizzmaker '13:

  • Timer per question
  • Forcing users to select the correct answers before the can move on (no feedback is used! other than correct and a custom click here to continue)
    • This should also allow me to remove the submit button and not have that bottom panel
  • I have a continue button and I want users to click that to move to the next question but don't see a trigger option in Quizzmaker, but I know this was made in Quizzmaker originally so it must be possible. 

Thanks a million in advance for your help!

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Valerie Fry

Here are some images that will hopefully make this clearer. The intro screen which is part of the quiz - have to click next to continue. 

The quiz question itself with the timer and no response is given until you get the answer right. 

And then the correct answer screen. Once you get it right there is also applause and that click here to continue flashes.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Valerie,

Within Quizmaker there is a timer option - but it's across the entire course, not just one slide. Here's how to turn it on within a Presenter course. But based on the images you showed I'm not sure this was created in an earlier version of Quizmaker? 

If you want users to select the correct answer before moving on, you'll want to set it to allow for unlimited attempts - and that way they'll have to be correct to finish. 

In regards to customizing the continue functionality there are not triggers in Quizmaker, but you can chose how quiz slides and the feedback branches. 

Valerie Fry

Believe it or not this was absolutely published with an old version of Quizmaker in 2009, if I believe anything about file types. It's an .aqp file, and this course was publishe din 2009. If triggers aren't a thing, and I can't get rid of the next/previous/submit buttons. What in the hell program was this quiz created in in the first place?!