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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Muriel! Nice to see you here! Currently in Quizmaker 09, it's not possible to create a drag-and-drop style of interaction like the one you have in mind. Probably the closest you could come would be to create separate multiple-choice question slides (one for each of your items that you want learners to be able to place). For example, check out the screenshot below. You could gray out all of the items except for the one that you want learners to focus on (in the example, it's Item A), and position the radio buttons of your multiple-choice question so that learners can click a radio button to choose the correct placement of that item. Then you would create a similar question for item B, item C, and so on. Would this work for you?

I should also mention: if you have Articulate Storyline, creating a drag-and-drop interaction like this one would be totally feasible on a single question slide.

muriel wahl

Hi Jeannette, it's indeed great to be here!

Thanks for the suggestion, I was thinking indeed that is was not possible in only one slide to do all the matchings but I thought it could be too long for learners to go through 6 questions. What do you think on a learning point of vue?

I've been following Storyline since you've launched it... I'm curious to see how Studio 13 is going to be before thinking of switching to Storyline.

Thanks for all

Jeanette Brooks

Although it will definitely have a different feel to move through 6 questions vs. just 1, I think you could minimize the impact by designing all 6 questions to be very similar, visually... that way it's very clear to the learner that they are stepping through a series of similar questions, and they might feel less overwhelmed. The added benefit is that you are also able to score each item separately this way... i.e., give learners a specific point value if they know where to drop item A, another point value for item B, etc. .... if the entire interaction were contained on one slide, you would need to score it as "all or nothing".