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Hi folks,

As usual I'm in the middle of a 'high priority task' and need a quick answer.  Can someone please tell me how to increase the size of a text box for drag and drop response matches.  When my people supply me with responses that are too long, the text size reduces to microscopic.  None of the seemingly practical options like: Text Box - Do not Autofit and Reshape Shape to Fit Text, don't seem to do anything.  Help!

Jerry M.

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Jerry McRoy

I tried but . . . well, I'm not good at having to figure things out that aren't standardized features.  This question will be imbedded in an exam of 10 questions and I don't want it to look unlike the others.  I attempted to copy over the format from the standard Drag & Drop but it would not allow a copy.  It seems there should be a practical (and easy) way to expand a D&D text box without having to resort to a blank slide where the user has to build everything from scratch.

Thanks for your suggestion but what am I missing?

P.S. Oh, and all the items on this quiz must be "graded" as part of an overall exam score.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jerry!

Here is some information on the Free-form option.

You do not have much flexibility with those boxes, as you can see, which is why I suggested the freeform option.

You can change the size of the full selection box that the questions are sitting in. This will change the size of the matching boxes to scale to fit, but can also add a scrolling bar, and make them a little difficult to see.

You are welcome to share your thoughts with our product development team here.