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Peter Anderson

Hi Sue,

Does your quiz contain more than 12 questions, by any chance? There is a known issue where the email results feature in Quizmaker '09 does not work if a quiz contains 13 or more questions. Depending on the browser you are using, you may experience a blank email, or an error may occur. Our Quality Assurance team is investigating this issue. In the meantime, the only workarounds are to reduce the number of questions in the quiz to 12 (or fewer) or to disable the email results feature.

Peter Anderson

Hi Brett,

Quizmaker will produce a full report on all pertinent data, i.e. pass/fail, number of attempts, complete/incomplete, etc. If you have published to a LMS, it is up to the LMS to determine which results are transmitted.

Also, you may find that the email results feature produces a blank email if one or more answer choices in your quiz include an apostrophe (').  This issue was addressed in Update 7 for Articulate Studio '09.  Please review the following article for more information:


Let me know if this helpful, and feel free to ask further questions. Thanks!

Brett Rockwood

Hi Peter,

I do have the latest version of Quizmaker (V3.3 1009.1313). I've cut my quiz down to just 5 questions and none of the answer choices have apostrophes. No feedback is being given (it is Submit all answers at once.).

I published out of Quizmaker directly, not using Presenter, and uploaded it to SharePoint, i.e. not a local drive. But I'm still getting blank emails. Am I missing something?

System info: Windows XP, IE8. Office 2003

Brett Rockwood

Do I need to upload it to an LMS to make this work? Do I need to publish to LMS instead of Web?

What I'm hoping to do is test the validity of the questions in a quiz with a select group of people before rolling it out to the intended audience. I want to see what questions people are having trouble with to make sure that people aren't missing them because of the way they are written. I'm hoping it will also allow me to see what questions everyone is getting correct to see if they are too easy or, if everyone already knows the answer, to eliminate them from the quiz.

Brian Batt

Hi Brett,

Quizmaker relies on client-side mail programs, such as Outlook, to send email results.  Tighter security restrictions in modern browsers, operating systems, anti-virus programs, and anti-spam programs can interfere with this process.  Also, some mail applications, such as Lotus Notes and Groupwise, do not allow JavaScripts or HTML submits, which means the email results feature will not work with these programs.  These settings are out of our control and it may not be possible to email results in your environment.

For more information, see the link below:


Some of our customers are successfully sending Quizmaker results via PHP, but this is not a method supported by us. You can learn more here: 

Quizmaker '09: 


Quizmaker 2: