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I'm wondering how to allow students to change answers to essay questions once they have already clicked the submit button to move on to the next question.  Specifically, on a multiple choice question, if they select the option that states that they are not confident that they can achieve their goals, it is set to automatically loop them back to the first page (an essay question) where they originally wrote out their goal.  However, once they get there, they are unable to edit the goal. Is there a setting I can change within the quiz to allow them to edit this answer?



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Elizabeth Mishler

Hi Jeanette,

There are two essay questions at the beginning of the quiz (both of which I would like to have the student be able to edit).  After these two questions, there are another four essay questions, but these answers do not have to be edit-able. I would change these four essay questions to short answer quiz questions, which is what they technically are, but there is no "right answer" which is why I'm staying away from the quiz format for these questions. Then there is just the single multiple choice question at the end of the quiz that asked them if they are confident that they can achieve their goals.  My goal is to have the students be able to answer this multiple choice question again after they revise their essay question answer(s) and if they answer that they are now confident that they can achieve their goals, at that point, they would finish the quiz .  Do you need any other information about the settings I have for the quiz properties?

The quiz is not embedded in an Articulate Presenter project.



Jeanette Brooks

Hi again Elizabeth,

In Quizmaker '09,  there really isn't a way to set up your quiz such that learners have to retry only specific questions as you described. Also, as you observed, when learners submit their answers one at a time to each quiz question, there's really not a way to allow them to go back and change their answers. But! Here's a way you could come close to what you have in mind:

  • In the quiz player template, you could change the navigation method to "Submit all at once." 
  • O your final multiple-choice question, give the learner only one choice ("Yes"). 
  • On that final multiple choice question, tell them that if they can't answer yes to the question, they need to go back and change their responses (they can do this by using the question nav panel in the upper left of the quiz player, or by clicking the Previous button in the lower-right of the quiz player).

So this way, they can ONLY finish the quiz if they answer Yes to the final question -- meaning that they have to stay in the quiz, and revise their goal statements in questions 1 & 2, until they can answer Yes at the end.

Attached is an example (mine only has 3 essay questions, but you'll get the idea when you preview it). Hope this helps!