Email Quiz Results - Not Working

I have my email address keyed into the Pass and Fail Result areas so that the results will come to me.  I've tested it twice now.  I'm not receiving the email.  It's not in junk mail either.  Microsoft Outlook is set up as my default email on my system.  Any ideas?  Also, I'm curious about this.  If someone is taking a quiz and they do not have a default email on their system, maybe they just always login to Yahoo or Gmail or something, will their be any problem in their results being emailed?  Thanks.

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Shawn and welcome to Heroes! 

Unfortunately it is not possible to address the issues with email results in a way that would ever guarantee they work in every situation simply due to modern computer security. To host and deliver Articulate content, and to track user progress, we recommend using Articulate Online, which supports one-click publishing from Articulate authoring tools, and offers super-easy reporting capabilities. You can learn more about Articulate Online here:

You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Articulate Online here:

If Articulate Online does not meet your needs, you can track Articulate content in any SCORM- or AICC-compliant Learning Management System (LMS). Here are some low cost LMS you might want to consider:

Moodle, for example, is free. Some web hosts like Bluehost allow you to do one click installs and updates of moodle so it is a real simple, low cost way to track user results.