Email Results and Print Results buttons on my quiz aren't working

Dec 27, 2010

I need a little help with the email results and print results features in Quizmaker 09. I just realized that if I publish a quiz for Web, that the email and print buttons do not work. If I publish for CD they do work. Has anyone ever encountered this?? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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Babette Miller

This happened to me too and I actually submitted a support case about it because I thought there was something wrong with my software! Turns out, it's just that I was testing a web-published quiz from my local hard drive , and that was causing things not to work right.

What happens is, Quizmaker publishes your quiz differently depending on whether you plan to use the quiz online or locally. Support told me that if you publish for web, you should test the content by uploading it to a web server and then using the http address (instead of running it from your hard drive). Because often things won't work right if you publish for web and try to test locally. The Publish For CD option is what people use when they want to use their content locally ---- this is probably why things work fine for you when you publish for CD and then test from your hard drive. 

So I'd recommend publishing for web and uploading it and see if that helps.

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