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I have been looking at the email results option with Quizmaker and if the quiz is of any size it exceeds the post data limitations and the email is sometimes not generated.

So I have been editing the EmailResults function in quiz.js and am slowly getting there by stripping out a lot of the content that is normally built up.

One of the things that is bugging me is the opening line of the email, even though I have stripped out everything else, is always "Quiz Results="

I can see that the "Quiz Result" bit is from the Name value of the hidden field and I can just delete the value and now the first line starts with an "="

Anyone know how I can remove the "="?


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David Burton


The mailTo protocol and HTML forms will always include an equal sign when submitting. This is because the form data is complied as a URL where the input field name(s) are assigned a value (Name=Dave).

In short, the equal sign is not added via the Articulate code but instead is part of the mailTo protocol.

I hope this helps!

Deborah Munitz

I have been waiting for days to get feedback from Articulate on why my quiz is not generating email results so I have been crusing the forums. This is the first email I found that might suggest the problem. Maybe I have too many questions in my quiz being reported.

I am wondering what the limitation is? How can I figure this out and what is the work around.

I would like an Articulate supported reformatted of the email output. That seems to be widely bitched about as well. I don't need the strings of data