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Feb 08, 2013


I'm volunteering to do a course for an organization in my community. They are wanting to do a course that has quiz questions throughout the course and then a final quiz at the end that covers the same questions that were covered earlier in the quiz. They have asked me to find out if there is a way of having presenter or Quizmaker make a certificated for the employees if they pass the course and if there is a way to have the quiz results emailed to the human resources department when they hit the submit button. Although I've learned a lot about putting the course together using articulate, I'm still a little unclear about the process of publishing the course and how the marks are collected,and delivered and what the options are for delivering the certificate to them. Can you explain this process for me and answer the following questions. I the organization doesn't have articulate online.  They will be posting the course as a link online. I also know they use SharePoint quite a bit also.

****First explain where do you set up the certificate or does it automatically happen if you have the report.html file in the Quizmaker content file? I watched the video on editing the html code but still not sure how it automatically happens.

****How do you set up the emailed results to a third party so it automatically happens?

How does the final quiz submission process work?

Is there a limit to the number of question results you can email? I read a lot of people having trouble with this in the forum.

Is there any good video tutorials that show how to set up both the certificate and how to forward each learners' quiz results to a third party email address? Where do I find such videos if you have them? I've seen lots of videos about publishing the course, but they don't go into detail about these issues.

****Also, If they post the course as a link online, does selecting private stop people from getting access to it online? Is the private setting only for articulate online? I believe they had a problem with people accessing it through Google?

****Is there any way of stopping this without Articulate Online?

Sorry for all the questions but it's really important that I get this set up right for them the first time. I appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions.


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