Email results : Query

Hi all,

Hope to receive a suggesstion

I am required to match a criteria from my client here

I was given 10 questions and the passing score for a learner is 70% . I was able to build this in quizmaker easily 

Now, the client says that only such learners who get 70& and beyond passing score can proceed further and answer 2 more questions 

The 2 questions are 1) Essay 2) Multiple response survey 

What did I do: ?

I created a presenter file 

Slide1 : Introduction

Slide2 : Main assessment with 10 questions

Slide 3: 2 questions (only for qualifying learners.Leaners who couldn't pass the main assessment will lauch again) 

And I have set a criteria that the 2 question's answers be emailed to the client ,however, when I test it , I am getting a blank email 

Additionally requesting you to let me know the procedures/precautions when you are emailing the results 

Thanks a bunch

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