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I've read through a LOT of these threads describing workarounds and hacks to allow Articulate to email quiz results through various methods.  Waaaaaay back (literally years ago), the first published solution mentioned that Lotus Notes does not allow any Java/HTML access from a published Presenter file. 

Is this still a complete showstopper for Lotus Notes-based companies, years later?

I've got a nice tidy training presentation with an embedded quiz.  When I click on the Email Results button in Notes 6.5, I get plopped into a blank email.  When a co-worker tested it in Notes 8.5, she got absolutely nothing.

The other possible hiccup here is that it will be posted to our intranet which has a myriad of OTHER security restrictions.  Now, it took a while, but I've managed to convince our internal web team to create/use a that allows one of our internal pages to send an email WITHOUT needing an email program open, I just don't know how I can access it or populate it with quiz results using Quizmaker.

Can you help?

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Brian Batt

Hi Todd & welcome to Heroes,

A few years back, I created a PHP workaround for emailing results because my company (before I worked for Articulate) used Lotus Notes internally for email.  Unfortunately, due to both browser restrictions & Lotus Notes, the email results feature didn't work as expected.  Thus, here's a link to the solution:

Keep in mind that this workaround is not supported by Articulate.  However, it should get you pointed in the right direction.