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Jul 08, 2013

We would like to give non-graded quizes to our learners, and have the results emailed to the instructor. I see that there is an option for this in the "Pass/Fail Results" options, but it doesn't seem to work. I don't get an email when I take the published quiz.

I found this post in the old forums, but the setup of the file folders seems to have changed since this was first posted.

I am making the quizes in a presentation, so I need the flashcommand.js version of this trick. However, I don't know what an FTP Client is, or how it affects what the modifications do to the published quiz.

Can someone help me figure out how to have the results emailed to me, when someone takes my quizzes, please?

I am on a Windows 7 OS, with IE9. Presenter/Quizmaker/Engage '09.

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Adam Larsen

Thank you, Leslie.

Is there a method that is supported by Articulate?

We do have an LMS. however, it is a "home-grown" LMS developed by our programmers at my company. I'm not sure about it's SCORM or AICC compliancy, though.

I was working with one of our programmers, and we weren't able to figure out how to get Articulate to send the emails to secured or unsecured email addresses.

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