Emailing Quiz Results


First, know that I love Articulate. and I don't want this to sound too harsh. I use the latest & greatest versions of both Studio & Storyline and I think the tools are indispensable and wonderful. That said, I want to address Articulate's refusal to figure out how to email quiz results in a nicely formatted email.

Emailing quiz results is not rocket science, but instead of devoting the resources to figuring out how to make this very useful feature work, your solution is to pull the feature entirely. Mind you, people (myself included) have been asking for this for years. Pretty unacceptable response in my book.

There are many less-expensive quizzing solutions out there that can email results gracefully, in a nicely-formatted email. And before you say "go ahead and use one of those solutions", I've already made the investment in Articulate--I shouldn't have to use another software (or script or code) to do something as simple as sending an email with quiz results.

Stop making people jump through hoops, configuring external PHP or ASP files and any other tricks needed to do something so simple. And especially, stop telling people that it's not possible to send emails consistently when they ask about this feature. That's lazy & disingenuous at best.

Thanks for listening--maybe someday you'll get this to work.



P.S. I've attached a screenshot from one of your competitors.of the email received after taking a quiz on the web with no LMS. Out of respect to the forum, I've blanked out their name.

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