Emailing Quiz Results in 13

Hey there:

So I just now realized you can no longer email the results of your quiz from the results page in Quizmaker 13. Does anyone know of a workaround? I was thinking you could add a button that said "Email Results" and add a hyperlink, but that would only direct you to a URL, right? Again, I need to be able to directly email the results of a quiz.


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Joo Teng Tan

Here's my workaround, I created a questionaire using SharePoint Survey, then I used the survey response URL as the URL address under the option, "Goes to URL" in Quizmaker '13 (I didn't create any question in Quizmaker, just making use of its redirect option").

Once my users finish the Articulate training and click the "Finish" button, it will direct them to the SharePoint question sheet to complete/submit their answers.

Hope this helps.