Emailing Survey Quiz Results

May 20, 2011

My customer wanted to know the users' feedback on the module we are going to launch tomorrow. So I created a survey quiz, and enabled the `email results' option.

I do get an email with the results. But the results look different.

I used a likert scale with seven questions in it, and an essay question. It's the first time I am fiddling with a survey quiz.

Awaiting the heroes to save me!


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Brian Batt

Hi Poornima,

The e-mailed results are provided in raw text format in the body of an e-mail (raw text is the most flexible and universal format without the need for outside or unique applications to access the data such as Word, Excel, etc). The recipient can then copy and paste the comma-separated output provided in the e-mailed results into a text file and open with Excel. After importing into Excel, you can select a "Table" format and it will organize the data into columns for better analysis. A common work flow for importing the text into Excel is as follows: 

1. Open Notepad 

2. Copy and paste the text from the email into Notepad 

3. Choose File > Save As 

4. Change the file type to All Files 

5. Type in the filename and include the .csv extension to create the CSV file 

6. After saving the file as a .CSV file, open Excel 

7. Open the CSV file in Excel and the text will be appropriately formatted

Luana Vargas

Would you have to 'Allow user to email results to' and set it to your email? I have the same issue Isadelle has. I would like to create a survey using Quizmaker, but I'm not sure how my LMS would pass me back the results/statistics of the survey.

If I understood it right from the previous posting, I would have to set up to allow users to email results and then I would get separate emails with results from each of the users to then have to combine all the files? I'm not sure if this would be realistic/practical if we have many users...

Thanks for any insight here!

Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Uns!

When you click the button to email your quiz results, you may find that nothing happens or possibly a blank email with no information is sent.

Quizmaker relies on client-side mail programs, such as Outlook, to send email results.  Tighter security restrictions in modern browsers, operating systems, anti-virus programs, and anti-spam programs can interfere with this process.  Also, some mail applications, such as Lotus Notes and Groupwise, do not allow JavaScripts or HTML submits, which means the email results feature will not work with these programs.

For reliable and secure tracking of quiz results across a majority of platforms, Articulate recommends implementing a SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or AICC compliant Learning Management System or Articulate Online.  Feel free to test drive a 30 day free trial of Articulate Online.

As an unsupported workaround, you could also consider using a server-side process to email results.

See also:

Peter Anderson

Hi Rhona!

By default, Articulate sends all question data to the LMS. After that, it is up to your LMS to determine how to process and display the data that is being sent to it. Bear in mind that some LMSes may not be able to process the data the way that you are looking for. Have you had a chance to speak with your LMS team about what you're hoping to see?

Tonya Morel

Jumping into this discussion. If I am using Knowledge Builder as my LMS, do you know if I incorporate a survey or quiz into my elearning, if the results can be shared back into KB so that I can see how users answered the questions. Finally, after the users take the quiz or suvery will they also be marked complete as having taken the course?  Thanks

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