Embed individual questions from same quiz in powerpoint

I'm working on a module with 4 cases/scenarios. Each case has 4 questions that I would like to embed throughout the slides. I have created 1 quiz, with 4 question groups representing the 4 cases. I hope the user will answer the questions as they go through the module. Instead of creating several quizzes, I want it to be one quiz with several questions that can be answered at different times throughout the module but with one final score. 

Any thoughts or suggestiosn will be very helpful.


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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Bea!

My first question is, could you use Quizmaker to build your entire learning module, placing your content between the question groups? I ask because Presenter only allows you to track one individual quiz at a time, so with Presenter, your best bet would be to intersperse the four question groups throughout the course as individual quizzes and use one of these unsupported workarounds to combine the cores into one. 

Bea Boat

We initially tried building the modules in Quizmaker but had some navigation issues with the template we used. We had to create tabs for engage activities which our initial reviewers had issues with. The navigation in presenter is a lot smoother. Everyone prefers this option -- the only issue we have now is the quiz.

I will try to use with the workarounds to see what I can come up with.

Thanks a bunch.