Embedding PDF into Quizmaker

Hello all,

I am designing a essay question quiz for my client but there is a tiny problem. They want the reference text for that quiz to be available in a scrollable format along with the question. Now I thought of 3 ways to do this

  1. Embed a .pdf file that is scrollable.
  2. Embed a word document that is scrollable..
  3. Add a text box and make it scrollable as you can do in PowerPoint 07 

The issue is I am not able to do any of these. Are there any tutorials on how to do this or are these methods not supported by articulate ?

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Brian Batt

Hi Ayesha,

One option may be to use a PDF to SWF converter like the one in the link below:


I played with it & it may meet your needs.  Like Phil said, there's not a lot of screen real estate in Quizmaker.  However, if you go into Options in the converter, you can play with some of the quality and output settings to see if it meets your needs.