Emdash changing to Hyphen and

Oct 04, 2011

Unable paste emdash in Quizmaker:

I am dizitizing an elearning course. Client has sent me a storyboard with changes in a word document.

When I try to paste an emdash in feed back area it automatically converts to hyphen.

To solve this issue, I tried copying the emdash directly from word document, even pasted in notepad and copied it again and try to paste it in Quizmaker, but no use.

My question is there any other way of directly pasting an emdash from word?

Any ideas?

The second issue is -

In the reflection point slide though the text has a comma after "ready" and "continue" in quotes, when published the output visual shows it as ready to continue without a comma and quotes for the word continue.

Please advise

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