Enable audio playback by user

I have inserted an audio track into a question, and it plays as soon as you come to that question. However, I need to make it so that when the user clicks a certain image (icon), the audio plays, and this needs to be repeatable however many times the user needs. How do I do this?

The quiz is a bird song quiz. I'd like to make it so that if you can give the answer by simply hearing the audio and being able to tell the species, you're rewarded 2 points, but if you click the icon to generate an image of the bird, you may only be rewarded 1 point. So I suppose I need to know how to generate

A) a sound file from clicking an icon.

B) an image from clicking another icon.

Thanks for any help.

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bad  seed

Wow man, that's awesome. I think I can work with that. Thank you!

Is it possible to make an image into an "action button" though, to make another image appear? And how do I set the conditions for scoring points? 2pts if you give the correct answer from only hearing the audio, and 1pt if you have also clicked the "action button" to see the picture of the bird.