Enlarging radio button or associating an image with radio button

Hello folks

I would like to associate a rectangular image with a radio button - or be able to enlarge the square multiple response radio button into a rectangle.

The effect I am trying to achieve is that the image will be a long rectangle, made up of 4 'answer' rectangles.... but it will look like a sort of sliding scale. 

The student will be asked to indicate where on the bar they would choose their answer to be located, and it would seem to the student as if they had an almost infinite choice along the bar.  The reality would be that they have only four choices.

If I could find someway of associating the individual sections of the overall scale with the radio button I could get this done......... or if I could enlarge the square radio button to fit the rectangles.  I don't know how to do either though

I am sure I am not the only person who wonders if its possible to have a student just click on an image as a choice, rather than the exact space taken by the radio button.  ............. so is it possible?

If I can't, then I might have to resort to twiddling around with powerpoint and hyperlinks - but of course I will totally lose the capacity to have this section of my elearning work as a quiz.


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Peb Thomas

I just realised this won't sound quite right as of course it is possible to extend the rectangle answer area and put that onto the image of a rectangle.......... BUT in doing that the small radio button is still visible. - and that sort of gives the game away that there are actually only 4 choices.

Can I get 'my' rectangular image to behave as a clickable answer without the small radio button showing up?