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Brian Batt

Hi Dustin,

Quizmaker doesn't currently support an equation editor.  With that being said, you can add math symbols in Quizmaker '09 in slide view:

1. Go to Slide view

2. Click the Insert tab

3. Click the Symbol button

4. Select "Symbol" from the Font drop down

You can then enter most types of math symbols this way.

If you're wanting to add more elaborate equations, you'll need to create them in Word, save them as an image, and then bring them into Quizmaker.

Dustin Simonson


I had to follow Brian's advice and create the equation in Word using the purchased "MathType" program which provides many more options than the standard Word equation editor.  Honestly I found this all bit cumbersome and hope a more direct manner to deal with scientific equations is available sometime in the future.

- Dustin

Louis Lowell

Ashly and Dustin,

Thank you for your replies.

I used word with MathType and I too found it too cumbersome and wish a more direct manner to deal with scientific equations was available. It's a shame that Quizmaker is not of use to math and natural science teachers. I hope the folks at Articulate remedy the issue but I'm not confident that it will happen.