Error Messages with Articulate Quizmaker

Oct 31, 2012

Hi Support,

First-time Quizmaker user here, though the software is widely used in my team.

I only had to edit and repurpose an existing quiz made by a colleague. But while I was working, an error message kept popping up. I could still work with it in the background, but it moved up front with certain keystrokes or button clicks.

I also wasn't able to publish my quiz because I got another error message. What I did was save my work in a shared drive and had my colleague publish it from her copy of Quizmaker. She was able to do it without issue, so I figured it wasn't the file that was buggy.

I will try to attach screenshots of the error messages here.

Note that I recently upgraded to Office 2010. I never had the chance to use Articulate before the upgrade, so I can't say that it worked properly before then. Still, I sent a ticket to IT, and the IT guy uninstalled and reinstalled both programs. It didn't resolve the issue. 

It seems I'm the only one in the team having issues with this, although we all upgraded at the same time, so I don't think it's a compatibility issue.

I would appreciate help in fixing this.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tin! Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing difficulties with Quizmaker. We'll need to check a few things to see what may be the cause of this error. 

There's a very helpful knowledge base article that covers many steps in resolving errors like this one. Please be sure you read the entire article and try each step. However, please avoid the steps related to the alteration of Microsoft Office.

Here's a link to the article.

Also, how are you publishing the project? Are you publishing for Presenter, Web, LMS, Articulate Online or Word?

If the steps provided in the article don't resolve the issue, please let us know!

Have a great day,


Tin Telesforo

 Thanks for your reply, Christine.

I have actually seen the article you suggested and had sent it to our IT guyswho attempted to fix the issue. I don't have the serial numbers to theseproducts and I don't have admin rights to tweak anything in the system, so Ihad to pass it on to IT. They were supposed to have executed the steps providedthere, but I still got the same symptoms.

I was trying to insert  the quiz in a PPT wrapper to be published as Flash. But although I was able to completebuilding the quiz, I was never able to insert it in the wrapper. A colleaguewas able to do it from her PC.


Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Tin!

Thanks so much for the update, it's certainly appreciated. However, since you don't have administrative privileges, troubleshooting the problem is limited. Would it be possible for you to have your IT team submit a support case, on your behalf, so we can work with them to resolve the issue? 

If you can, please have them go to this page to open a support case with our tech team. They'll be able to communicate with your IT department and work toward a resolution for you.


Have a great day,


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