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Eric Allen

I am having this same problem with QuizMaker 09.  Haven't used it in a long time, in fact I just recently re-installled it, but I also have Storyline2 on this computer, for what that's worth.

I've followed both procedures.  I ran the studio install file as Admin, repaired, rebooted computer, still didn't work from the articulate ribbon.  I get the "unable to create instance" error.

So I followed the steps to check the COM Add-ins and verified that there were no add-ins disabled, and that the Articulate options were in the COM Add-ins and checked, and verified that nothing was checked in the "Trust Settings" either, and it still doesn't work when I try to edit a quiz for me.

If I open Quizmaker by itself it works fine, I just can't open any quizzes from the presentation itself.  I'm using PowerPoint 2010 32 bit.