Evaluation and data collection for CD-based training

Hi all,

What are your experiences and best practices in collecting evaluation data from users/learners for trainings that are on CD?  My team is working on a series of training modules that will be on CD and not online.  So we can't rely on an LMS to collect assessment or quiz data.  I am assuming it would have to be some type of paper-based system, and to some extent it would have to require self-reporting from participants on paper-based forms.  We won't have staff-on-site daily to monitor learners. 

Any ideas or past experience out there?  We cannot retain scores from assessments built using QuizMaker, correct? 

Thank you, Barbara

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Barbara,

I'll defer to the community on specifics of what they've done for this, but Quizmaker won't capture and keep the data on the CD - so you'd need some way to report or track the data and that's typically handled by an LMS or a workaround such as Javascript reporting to an external database. That's also something I'm unable to assist with - so the community is your best bet here. 

Barbara Pando-Behnke

Thank you Ashley.  That's been my experience as well....all I've ever created before now are web-based, LMS trainings.  We prepared pre and post assessments within the LMS itself and captured that data through the LMS, not the course.  we could then run reports directly from the LMS.  CD-based courses are a new thing for me. 

I'm curious to hear about the JavaScript reporting to an external database option.

Also, I am curious - I assume that Storyline 2 also does not have local reporting functionality correct?  If it does, then I would be recommending that we switch all future modules to Storyline 2.  :) 

Thanks again, Barbara

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Barbara,

There isn't a local reporting functionality for any of the Articulate products - but in case you'd like to see the differences and changes here is a comparison chart of Storyline 1 and Storyline 2, and another one comparing Storyline 2 and Studio '13. 

Hope that helps and that any other users are able to weigh in here regarding Javascript as it's not something I'm equipped to offer support for. 

Barbara Pando-Behnke

Thank you Ashley.  I am just seeing your message now  Thanks for your response.

I would welcome any thoughts from the broader community on this topic.  Please let me know if you have experience with JavaScript reporting and working with an external database with local Articulate products. 

Best regards, Barbara