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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Susan!

Are you asking about having an exit tab in your Presenter course? Be sure that you have the Exit Player Tab enabled as this tutorial shows in order to have that EXIT button appear.

As for the numbering, there is not a standard/built-in way to do so. You are more than welcome to add them manually if needed.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Susan: Will the quiz questions appear in the course menu? If so, you may want to go to the "player" and add the appropriate number to the question. See shot below of Quizmaker player.

If the question will not appear in the menu, you could just add a numeral at the start of the question: 1. How do you add quiz numbers to a quiz question? Hope that helps. --Daniel

Susan Winkie

I am just making the quizzes in quizmaker, not placing them in an Articulate shell  - although I can do that - just an extra step.

Regarding the numbering - '09 automatically put the numbers in - so I thought I was missing something.  I believe you're saying that doesn't work like that anymore.  If I put the numbers in manually, then I can't randomize the questions.

Any suggestions?