Exit button not working in quiz after failing quiz

Hi.  I have a quiz published into presenter.  The learner may attempt the quiz 3 times.  If they fail, I want them to be able to exit and come back later to take the quiz again.  But when I click the exit button/tab, it tells me I have to complete the quiz first which I already did but failed.   

 Properties are set to:

Appreciate any help.  I must have something set wrong because I have done this before.  I have looked at other quizzes that work but haven't found what I'm doing wrong.  Thank you!

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Ron Price

There could be a  few things that are not quite right here.  First of all, the "retry quiz" feature allows them to retry the quiz without leaving the module or the quiz slide. For example, in your case if they were to fail the quiz, the could retry it two more times, by hitting the retry quiz button.  After failing a third time, the retry quiz button would no longer appear and then their only option would be to select "finish" (or review, if that was enabled).

I noticed your screen shot does not show a "Finish" button, which makes me curious.  

To do most of what you are describing, though you could set your quiz Finish action on passing to "Close Window" and on failing to "Slide 1" that would force them to retake the module if they failed.  You would just need to disable Quizmakers "Prompt to resume" feature under navigation in QuizMaker Player Template builder.  You just would lose the 3 time limit (which you do not have now anyway).

Still not sure what happened to the "Finish" button.  Have you tried importing your questions into a new quiz to see if you can replicate the issue?