facilitate SME quiz review

I've never gotten so many zero results returned to my forum searches. So, I think I know what the answer is, but, I'll ask anyway.

I'd like to avoid cutting and pasting quiz questions & answers into Word or Notepad in order to provide reviewable material to SMEs. (No, having SMEs take the module and its quizzes is not viable at this time.)

Is there a straightforward way to spit my quizzes out of quizmaker?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kelly! Sorry about the search functionality, this has been an issue that our web team is well aware of.  If it helps, I advise performing searches in Google specifically for our content. The Screenr below can help: 

As for your question, you can publish to Word to get that material to your SMEs. I'm providing links for both '09 and '13 as I'm not sure what version of Quizmaker you have.

Publish to Word Quizmaker '09

Publish to Word Quizmaker '13

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kelly!

If you launch Quizmaker on its own (like from your Windows Start menu), and then open your quiz, your Quizmaker menu should look like the picture below, where you can click Publish and then select Word as your publishing option. Are you seeing something different?

Also, Update 9 is available for your software.