Failing a Quiz and Seeing Results

Good morning,

I've had a request to create a quiz that will flag a mentor when a learner fails the quiz and provide the mentor the learner's responses. Additionally, after the mentor has a follow up discussion, they want the learner to re-take the quiz.

Not sure how to do this, here's what I'm thinking:

1. On the fail result page, include the email addresses of the mentors

2. Allow the learner to print the results

They want the LMS to capture the failed score then capture the improved score after their discussion. Not sure if it's possible to do that since we set a passing score. By the way, they want their passing score 90% so I have a feeling there will be a lot of follow up discussions. Do I need to post the test twice, once with a differet name or something so that I can have tem retake it?

Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated!

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