Failing a Quiz Reroutes to Slide, but no option to retake quiz?

I'm on a free version of Articulate as our company considers buying some licenses. I have successfully created a training chapter and associated quiz. I have the quiz properties set so that if the quiz fails, the learner returns to the beginning of the chapter. My issue is that I either have the option for the learner to retake the quiz immediately after failing it (without rerouting to the first slide) or after rerouting to the first slide of the chapter not being able to retake the quiz when the learner returns to it.

The goal would be after failing the chapter quiz, the learner must review the chapter again first and then retake the quiz. HELP!

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Robert Najjar

When I select the option for "Allow user to retry quiz," it defaults to allowing the user the option of retrying it immediately. I used the success and failure options and found that it would either reroute to the slide for a failed quiz and then bypass the quiz (because it was already taken) or immediately offer the learner the option of retaking the quiz without the rerouting. Please help (more)!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Robert!

If your quiz is within a Presenter project you will be able to do what you are asking.

This will be a two-fold process.

You can have the Finish button on Fail go back to your content slide, but when you get back to the quiz, it will still show the results slide until the user chooses to Retry the quiz. This will allow the user to review content if need be, but for the quiz to re-set, they will need to utilize the Retry button.

Bob Joyce

We are using Studio '13 to update some courses created in Studio '09. In the original courses, when a learner failed a quiz, they were redirected to some remedial material before being allowed to retake the quiz. Is there any way to set this up in '13? It seems that my only option is to show them the Retry button immediately, which prevents enforcement of taking them to the remedial material. Any suggestions?

Bob Joyce

Leslie--thanks for such a quick response. So, in effect, what we have been attempting to do is to have the user see their results, but not have an opportunity to retake the quiz prior to completing the remediation. The "Retry Quiz" button shows up on the results screen. A user could retry the quiz before clicking "Finish", thereby skipping the remediation. Is there any way to hide or mask this button until after the user clicks the "Finish" button? Many thanks in advance for your help!

Bob Joyce

Hey, Leslie-- I really appreciate the effort you put into the response. I had hoped for more control ("push" the learners into the remediation vs. "pulling" them into it). However, this seems like a reasonable solution considering the new limitations in Studio '13. So your solution is the one we'll use!

Again, many thanks--