Is there a test question limit in Quizmaker?  One of my exams has 100 questions and the other has 400 questions.  Can I permit the student to skip questions and then indicate at the end of the test which questions remain?  I've been cutting and pasting questions, is there a way to upload questions?

FYI, I will be using Articulate Online as my LMS.

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Brian Batt

Hi Evette,

There's not a limit on how many questions that you can have in a quiz.  However, I'd recommend keeping the question limit as low as possible if your target end-users have slow bandwidth or older computers.

Currently, you can allow the student to skip questions.  However, there's currently not a feature that will show the student which questions remain.  

With that being said, the end-user can use the navigation panel in the upper left-hand corner to see which questions have not been answered: